PDS Drilling is the premium provider of horizontal and directional drilling services in North American unconventional resource plays. Our company specializes in Directional Drilling and Measurement + Logging - While - Drilling services that provide a the full suite of complete guidance solution for directional and horizontal wells.

PDS Drilling takes drilling in a better direction with our people, our products and our performance. We approach challenges differently at PDS Drilling and we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to fulfill our commitment to our customers, safely and efficiently. Our experienced people, combined with our service assets, ensure that our customers achieve maximum return on every project we deliver.


The oil and gas industry encompasses a range of different activities and processes, which jointly contribute to the transformation of underlying petroleum resources into usable end-products valued by industrial and private customers. These different activities are inherently linked with each other (conceptually, contractually and/or physically), and these linkages might occur within or across individual entities, and within or across national boundaries.

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