oilfield tool rentals

Wellbore construction demands a diverse selection of specialized tools and equipment to achieve maximum safety and efficiency.

PDS Drilling rental tools and equipment provides the resources to supplement existing inventory, to add new capabilities, to ensure compliance with operational and regulatory specifications, and to reduce or eliminate storage and maintenance costs.

Advanced drillpipe, collars, and tubulars provide drillstring options to enhance cuttings transport and eliminate associated torque problems in extended-reach drilling (ERD).

We deliver the scope of technologies and quality of service you need to perform virtually any drilling, completion or work-over task and when it comes to rental equipment, our philosophy is simple: we seek long-term relationships with our clients.


Our highly diversified inventory of drilling tools, are available for rent to spare you the cost and inconvenience of ownership while delivering efficient and cost-effective performance. Our portfolio ranges from conventional to advanced technology designed to meet the demands of the most challenging wells. Rental equipment is acquired only from the best-in-class vendors and is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Due to our years of expertise honed through experience and training, we begin each client relationship with a thorough evaluation of your drilling, completion or work-over needs. We proceed to guide you through the selection of an appropriate equipment package. And we offer ongoing technical support throughout your operation. Our specialists support multiple applications to reduce your risk exposure and improve your drilling performance.

Our surface and downhole solutions provide answers for a diverse scope of applications.

We offer answers for hole enlargement, pressure control, fishing operations, and mechanical friction reduction.


Oilfield Tool & Tubular Rentals
We also provide a wide range of oilfield tools and tubular goods for conventional applications, as well as for snubbing and coiled tubing operations.

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